Easter Hours

Good Friday 30th March, open from 5pm (with surcharge)
Saturday 31st March, open from 5pm
Easter Sunday 1st April, closed
Easter Monday 2nd April, open from 5pm (with surcharge)


A mosaic of earthen bowls, bright herbs, light salads, dense stews and rich sauces. An abundant table speaks of the generosity, warmth and shared celebration that is at the heart of Thai life.

Located in the heart of Ponsonby, one of the Auckland's most vibrant, creative & cosmopolitan suburbs, Saan serves up authentic cuisine from the Lanna and Isaan regions of Thailand.

Our innovative & award winning food combines traditional techniques and family recipes with the best New Zealand produce. We are very careful to choose ingredients that have been sourced with a deep respect for the environment.

Than Hai Aroi Na Krab.
Enjoy your meal.